Saturday, April 21, 2012

Winter Wrap Up

Well I've been really lazy.... Here's a wrap up of what our little pea was up to this winter...

 Learning how to climb onto the couch using her kitchen...who knew that would be easier than just climbing up the cushions?? Oh just dawned on me where she's seen this. Inevitable when you're mother isn't even 5ft tall and climbs on the counter all the time...

 Eating the snow...

 Playin' in the snow

 Curly do! Much to my excitement and uncontrollable giggles. It doesn't last once she's in the car seat and rubs her head a round a bit but I'm satisfied.

 snuggles with Daddy...

 Okay so this obviously isn't a picture of Annie and Jared has since cut his hair but for Valentine's Day we opted for eating out instead of me cooking dinner. Great choice as the place to go was famous Dave's and then to Pace's for some Rainbows for dessert (seriously the best dessert ever it's a slushy with the best soft serve you've ever tasted...YUM!)

 Learning how to hang on for a piggy back ride

 Discovering her pockets

 Going for a hot tub at "Old Man's" house (Jared's buddies dad, we taught her to call him old man ;)

 Taking a walk in Mommy's shoes

Playing dress up with all her winter clothes

We are so fortunate that Annie entertains herself most the time. Luckily we live in a small enough space that there's not much she can get into (except my kitchen) but she manages to play pretend quite well. She's such a happy girl and so fun to have conversations with. LOVE her to pieces!!!

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