Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Years

A tradition Jared and I have shared since we were married...maybe even before, I can't remember. Every year for New Years we spend the holiday up at his friends cabin with a bunch of his buddies.

This year was especially fun because we couldn't wait to really introduce Annie to snow.

She really didn't know what to think and definitely wasn't about to move when we stood her up in it.

She loved her new sled that Grandma and Grandpa Griffin gave took some warming up...

but once Dad hopped on, she was good to go

This girl LOVES snowmobiles. No exaggeration. I'm not just being one of those weird parents.

After spending the weekend her she says "snomo" which translates to snowmobile. At the cabin you could hear the snowmobiles very clearly every time they would pass by. So every time the heater kicks on at our house she thinks it's a snowmobile and excitedly says "snomo snomo snomo!! vroom vroom vroom!"
Could this Dad be any prouder?

Sitting in her "seat" at the cabin

Annie's sweet nursery teacher made her this little doll for Christmas and she just adores it. I love it because it's all soft and there aren't any hard plastic pieces to it.

She insisted this pillow was the babies blankie. She would put the "blankie" down, lay the doll on top, walk away and say "shhhh"

wearing Mommy's helmet...

wear it proud baby...

wear it proud...

Before we left, Jared and I took Annie for a ride to the top of the mountain. Jared sat in front and we sandwiched Annie between us. Every so often you would hear this tiny little "weeee" escape from her mouth

On the way down, Jared put Annie in front of him so she could see the ride down. She loved every second and panicked when the ride was over. Every time we go in the garage she beelines it strait to Jared's snowmobile and says "snomo snomo vroom vroom!!!!"

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  1. I'm surprised you found a place with enough snow to go snowmobiling! What a fun outing for all of you. Annie is darling as usual...all bundled up:)