Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feeding the Sheep

Cousin Audrey was fortunate enough to be able to take care of two lambs for a farmer and help wean them. Annie was thrilled to be able to help give them their bottles.

 Wyatt was thrilled to be able to ride them...

Early Spring 2013

 Clover Pancakes for St. Patrick's Day

 Playin' Dress Up in her panties?

 The only time Wyatt reminds me of my brothers is when he's sleeping in my arms...

 Meeting baby Aria (our friends first baby) for the first time

LOVES this toy

What Chocolate?

I swear Mom, it wasn't me

Start them young he says

This Dad starts counting down the days until the snow falls from the day the snow melts so he can get back up on the mountain on his snowmobile. Grandpa bought a new helmet last season so of course the kids had to try it on..

 obviously a hit with Wyatt... he looks terrified

Say Cheese!

 Baylie and Wyatt! 
3m and 2m old

 Wyatt ridin' Noah's Schwinn

 Wyatt loves doing "selfies" with me :)

 This is how we keep Wyatt out of harms way when I'm doing laundry

 Take my picture Mom!

LOVE my chunk!