Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Decorating the Tree

Time has flown since last Christmas. It was fun to see the pictures I took of her and Jared decorating the tree and to see how much Annie has grown since then.

She was very good decorating the tree with us. She knew exactly which decorations were her's and which ones not to touch.
You can see her ornament from this year just to the left of her ear. She knew that it was hers and if you asked her to show it to you she would run right to it and say jing jing jing (jingle, jingle, jingle)

I couldn't have been happier this Christmas. The ornament I bought her this year was covered in little jingle bells so she was really only interested in that one ornament. She didn't touch any of the others. I thought for sure, I'd have the half decorated tree. Such a sweetheart!

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