Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Christmas

Well we've finally gotten around to some Christmas decorating around here. Jared brought me home the most wonderful Christmas tree and let me tell you, this tree and have not been on grand terms. I've restrung strands twice and on the third blown fuse, I've given up and two of my branches hang twinkless (all for principle of course). Whoever thought they had this grand idea by making a strand without the fuses in the plugs was a doofus! Who in their right mind wants to sit there and test light by light to figure out the culprit causing the whole strand to not light up all at the same time wrestling with a sappy tree?

Ok I've vented enough. Here's what we've been up to this Christmas Season...

 One of the local nurseries had reindeer (Blitzen and Donnor, I believe). They were kind of temperamental so I was thrilled that they were in their little caged stalls. This would be why I'm eyeballing them as we took pictures. Not to mention we were looking right into the sun.

 This was the most entertaining line I have ever stood in. All the children waiting in line were literally bouncing with excitement to sit on Santa's lap. Then one by one, most of these children would pitch a large fit then once rescued, would hang on to Dad for dear life. Jared thought those poor kids would be scarred for life. It seemed only fitting that Santa looked pretty nervous when we walked up with our little Annie. We assured him it wouldn't be a problem. As such, she just looked right at him and gave him a big grin. He didn't want to give her back :). I know it seems silly when she's so young but I don't have any memories (other than pictures) of sitting on Santa's lap (Jared said he remembers and claims it was quite traumitizing).

 Jared and I went for a night ride on his snowmobile with some of our buddies and Sam (pictured above) is just smitten with Annie. He holds her every chance he gets so I thought I would capture the moment ;)

 Annie helping Dad decorate the tree...

I've had to keep my eye on her. Even though she only rolls to the right, she can turn herself in a circle when she's on her belly and sometimes we find her here trying to "un-decorate" the tree. Jared keeps saying no like she understands that there is anything more exciting than a sparkly Christmas tree with pretty colorful things hanging on the branches.

Meanwhile I've been busy baking goodies in the kitchen, sketching out a pattern for Annie's Christmas stocking, wrapping presents, and cleaning house to prepare for a Christmas dinner planned with Jared's buddies this Friday and a family shindig this Saturday.

Annie's ready for her nap so I'm off to make some Divinity and Thumbprint cookies...maybe I'll get to the butter cookies....maybe


  1. I don't remember it being traumatic as a child, but after 3 years of sheer terror I can say that it's traumatic for moms to have their kids scream on Santas lap!

  2. She is so cute! Growing up so fast.

  3. I am so jealous that you are able to accomplish so much. I've thrown most of Christmas stuff out the door this year. I just can't squeeze it all in. You'll love having a little one this Christmas. You just wait, next year you'll have to leave the bottom part of your tree bare or put unbreakable ornaments on it. She'll be all over that tree next year! So much fun.