Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Eve Dinner

My family has the best traditions. I might be biased but I really think so. Since my Mum and Dad cook a fabulous prime rib for Christmas dinner, we always do fun appetizers and snacks for dinner on Christmas Eve. The past couple of years we've "upped" it a notch and throw out some crazy new dish. This year, Neal and I kicked my Mum out of the kitchen and prepared the whole dinner.

The table...some of the usual include: sheepherders dish (pictured in the bread bowl above), chips, crackers,

stuffed mushrooms

my new dish: Blackberry baked brie (wouldn't make it again, the brie didn't stay gooey long enough)

Neals new dish...AHMAZING!!!! Three Cheese Crostinis. seriously kicked me out of the park with this one

cheese ball (my personal favorite!)

Shrimp/Cream Cheese/Cocktail sauce dip

Asian BBQ pork
a veggie plate

a salami and specialty cheese plate

7 layer bean dip

As always a feast to remember. I love this tradition. Thanks Neal for helping out!!!!

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  1. Now that I am feeling better.. we need to re-do all of this. See you tomorrow.