Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Time

We traveled up to WA this year to spend Christmas with my family. Jared wasn't able to get any time off so I headed up a week before Christmas and Jared joined us on the 23rd. We were fortunate enough to have my grandma come stay with my parents so she could spend more time with grandkids and great grandkids. By the time we left Annie new everyone by name and even recognizes voices on the phone. I'm so sad that we live so far from my family but so grateful that we get a couple of times a year to just spend time together.

Making Gingerbread Houses

Let's be honest, she was just in it for the candy anyway

Seriously...check out the concentration on Neal's face

Check out that roof structure...made with nerds :)

Kyle & Matt opted for the Gingerbread Christmas Tree

I gave in, moved Annie to my bed in the middle of the night, and this is what I woke up to in the morning

Annual butter cookie decorating

we even got Grandma in on the action

And Annie ate them...she's signing and saying "more" in this picture

Growing up, we would always act out the Christmas story. I was always Mary and my Dad the donkey. We decided that grandkids were old enough this year to act it out...

Mum & Dad didn't have a baby so we used a little monkey for Baby Jesus

Neal helping Chloe read the scripture story

 I didn't catch it on camera but as soon as the door opened Annie came running through and yelled "HI" and then ran the other way. After that, Bodie (the shepherd) and Charlie (Mary), riding Bumpa (the donkey).
The Angel!

The stars of the show

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