Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Patch

 So even though we received free pumpkins from my sister-in-law's fabulous garden, I still wanted to take Annie to a pumpkin patch so we could snap some fun pictures. My little photogenic princess couldn't have pleased me more.

 Seconds after this photo was taken, she accidentally knocked the pumpkin off of the hay bale. She was so disappointed!

 Patting the white pumpkin with Dad...

 She thought this was the greatest. They had these HUGE crates full of different kinds of pumpkin and squash. Annie loved sitting on top of the pumpkins and piling them in her lap. She chose one and would not let it go!

 Hitching a ride in a wagon...with her pumpkin in tow.

 Photo with Mommy!

We caved. But for 75 cents you can't beat the joy that little pumpkin brings to her...priceless!

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