Saturday, October 29, 2011


Is for cute outfits. I'm sure of it. Now, I don't have a boy, but I'm sure it just wouldn't be as fun.

 My friend made this SUPER cute skirt for a couple of girls in my neighborhood. We've rocked it a couple of times. 
P.S. her tights are purple (eeeek)!!!!!

Not to mention the fabulous matching hair clip I just HAD to make!
 Not to mention this super cute Halloween shirt I found at carters for 60% off. I just couldn't resist that sparkly witch!

 Just thought I would throw this in so you could get an idea at how many pictures I have to take in order to get a good one. She is constantly on the go and running!

 Does anyone else give their children broken meaningless toys (in this case a broken birdie for bad-mitten) just to get a shot of them standing still?

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