Monday, October 31, 2011


My busy bumble bee!
 I had this idea for her costume in my head for awhile now and since I'm too cheap to go buy something, I had to have something simple. I love how her costume turned out. Simple yet sweet!

Easily my favorite part of this whole costume. I curled her pigtails out so they looked like antennae and make little mini korker bows to go in front of them...eeeeek!

 As you can tell, Noah was quite fond of his bumble bee outfit (or really just the hood part was bugging him...ha, not pun intended). I just thought it was too fun that they were both bumble bees this year!

I wish I could have gotten a shot with all her cousins but in the chaos of the party, there was no way. I was able though to grab Lydia (or deeda as Annie calls her), and snap this picture. She's Smurfette!!!!!! I love it!!!

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