Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Farewell Bend State Park

At the end of June we packed up the car for another car trip. This time to Farewell Bend State Park in Oregon to meet up with my family for our annual camping trip. The first day we got there it was down pouring. So we all made the decision to stay in a hotel for the night instead of setup camp in the rain. Wouldn't you know it, just as we checked in, the rain stopped :)

I figure it was ok because we found this great little (and I mean little) Mexican restaurant that was quite delicious. Much closer to the real thing.

You kind of have to look close but Annie was helping Jared setup our tend. She was getting all the poles out for him...

Once Bumpa arrived she was quick to help him out too :)

Neal and Jared testing out the loop on the bikes :) Oh Jared...

Takin' a break before dinner

Annie checking out the hammock with Dad

We didn't see it until they were quite far off in the distance but I thought this picture was just so cute! Bumpa's quite the sucker for his grandaughters.

Playin' with Bumpa!

Holdin' Mom's hand going for a walk

Watching the fire before bedtime...

...then noticing that Mom was the one with the bottle

Remember the homemade marshmallows I made for Annie's Birthday party? We saved them so we could roast them over the fire. They're not the most beautiful things you've ever seen because the sugar on the outside caramelized but MAN-O-MAN were they yummy with the crunchy sugar shell!
Homemade Crunchy Sugar Shelled Marshmallow Smore!

Mine and Neal's tradition. Everyone else at the campsite wasn't interested...we missed you Kyle. These are very simple to make and we make them every time we go camping. You take a roll of pillsbury biscuit dough, stretch it out wide fill half of it with little marshmallows, fold it over to create your pocket and SEAL IT WELL, fry it in a little bit of olive oil and butter then immediately roll it in cinnamon and sugar...YUMMY!

Our campsite was a little boring so we decided to hop in the cars and head to the local water park. Such a blast! I haven't been to one of those since High School!

Annie's first watermelon...

I think it went over well...

 River Rafting on the Snake River. Just look at Jared's face, and the shock on Chloe's :)

Love this picture. Ry was riding front, the group behind us actually dumped two people on this rapid...Awesome.

Meema was a saint and stayed behind to watch Annie so Jared and I could go rafting.

She looks like a tough sit doesn't she?

Beautiful dam completely full and overflowing to the MAX.

Is it terrible that I entertain my child with a highchair and some empty water bottles when I need a break???

Thanks for a fun trip Mom & Dad!!!!

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  1. What a fun trip! I have always wanted to go rafting. It looks like a blast. Annie is getting so big. I am sure she's even bigger since these photos were from a few months ago. So cute!