Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bryce Canyon National Park 2011

Right after celebrating the 4th of July we headed out with Jared's family for another camping trip. This time south to Ruby's Inn right next to Bryce Canyon National Park. By far my most favorite national park I've been to. The views are just amazing.

 Annie and Jared sharing a sandwich in the grass for a break on the drive there

 Ready for our hike. Jared's Dad found this backpack at a garage sale...score!

 see what I mean by those views?

 Little Audrey posing for a picture

 Family shot!

 I thought this was so cute. Little Noah would just perch himself behind his Mom and would stand on that bar when he wanted to see something.

 Tyler posing for a picture!

 This is part of our family hiking the other side of the trail. We had a big group hiking together this day. There were 7 adults and 10 kids.

 Grandpa had a bum knee so he couldn't come along for the hike but he told the kids if they touched a lizard he would give them $1 each. Jared's eagle eyes found this lizard and I snapped a shot before he hollered to the kids to come see the lizard.

 And the crowd engulfed...

 Minutes after spotting this sign, it started to pour on us...

 Someone bet Jackson to walk across and of course he did it, to be followed quickly by a couple of cousins and his brother

 This picture was actually taken because when Jared and I were dating and I joined his family for a family trip, we came to Bryce canyon and I have a picture of me just like this 6 years ago.

 Can you see the rain dripping off the rock above?

 Here's where we all hung out to wait out the rain storm. See the river running down the path? It was quite a mucky hike back up the mountain...

 Jared and some of his neices and nephews pose for a shot

 I'm always surprised at how steep the climb is...

 Seriously...doesn't that view just make your jaw drop?!?!

 Here's all the kiddos mucky shoes after our hike up!

 Annie trying out some of the gift store merchandise...

 We just couldn't resist...

 And Ruby, Annie's Monkey, was born. She loves this monkey. She can even say Monkey now. She never sleeps without it. And if it's in view, she has it tucked in the crook of one of her arms. She walked right up to the stuffed animals, plucked the Monkey off the shelf and started to walk away. There was no convincing her that she should put it back...

 Hiking with Dad...

 I hiked above this waterfall and most all the kids and uncles hiked below. This is just me looking down at the kids waving.

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  1. I love her little jacket. Did you make it? What a fun hike!