Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lake Powell 2011

This last May Jared, Annie, and I packed our bags, woke up at 4AM and hit the road to spend a week at Lake Powell with some of our good friends. Why leave at this ghastly hour? We were hoping Annie would sleep the whole drive. And being the angel, she is, she did just that very thing.
 This is a stop just one hour before our destination. We stopped to have breakfast and gave Annie's little bum a break from her car seat. She enjoyed the opportunity to drive a little :)

Annie warming on the sun deck with dad!

 Family picture!!!

 Playing in the sand

 Eating the sand...which she quickly found out was not food

 Peaking over the edge at the water

 This trip is where Annie mastered her walking skills. Where better than a rocking boat for a week?!?!

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