Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chrissy's Baby Shower

You know I love a good excuse to craft right??? Well I recently had THE MOST PERFECT excuse. One of my really good friends growing up is having babies....yep that was meant to be plural. Twin boys to be exact. She's due the beginning of December but to avoid having a baby shower while she might possibly be on bedrest, we had the shower at the end of September.

The Invite

My fabulous Dad cutting branches for me so I can make the lovely creation below!

 The wishing tree! I LOVE how this turned out!

Ralph and Rastus! To Chrissy's credit, she is not naming her boys Ralph and Rastus. The story behind these names, well actually just Rastus is that when my Dad would make up stories when we were little Rastus was always the name of the character. This was my Mum's gift to Chrissy. She just decided to "wrap" them like this instead of put them in bags. I thought it was great!

The Diaper Cake! But also one of the games. We played "The Price is Right" All the items on display where on a sheet of paper and everyone had to guess the price of the items without going over.

Two bums means twice the diapers! We decided to have a diaper raffle. Whoever brought diapers, entered their name in a raffle to win a prize!

The Diaper raffle prize: Cookies in a jar, a corn heating bag, a super fuzzy blanket, and some FABULOUS fudge from a local candy store on Bainbridge.

The prizes for the Price is right game. The top three each one a frame.

The quilts! So my tradition is to make a quilt for every grandchild on my side of the family. Well I only have one brother that's married and they said their done with kids and since Chrissy is such a close friend I jumped at the opportunity. 

An up close shot of some of the prints.

The food! I suddenly realize these aren't the greatest pictures but there was some amazing food. I had some help with this. A gal who knows Chrissy's family well and who I knew from Girls Camp also hosted the shower. She took care of the crepes and all the toppings (which did NOT dissapoint) and I took care of the cinnamon rolls, ham & swiss rolls, and a fruit platter. YUM!

Opening gifts!
Side note, I forgot to take an up close shot of the garland in the background but I made her a couple of onesies and hung them with some links. P.S. I am NOT picking my nose in this picture!

Lots of support. I couldn't believe all the faces from the past.

Little Bainbridge Ferry Shirts!!!!

The beautiful Mommy to be with Ralph and Rustus in tow! She looks great and I couldn't believe how active she was having two babies hanging out in there! She was on her hands and knees playing with Annie! She'll be a great Mom and I can't wait to meet the little tykes this Christmas! Thanks for letting me go over the top for you Chrissy!!!!

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  1. Lucky...I so want to do a baby shower someday. This turned out amazing. I love all the details. Plus how much fun to get to see friends from your past. What a perfectly fun combination.