Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bumpa's House

ok...not really at Bumpa's house but this just cracked me up. Annie decided to take a seat in one of my mixing bowls and got stuck...this was seconds before her panic!

 Ok, onto the real post. We went to WA for my friends baby shower and instead of just flying in for the shower and flying out, we stayed for a long weekend so we could spend some quality time with family. Luckily, we even got a family dinner in with all my brothers (a big deal since some have odd work schedules and another lives in Oregon).

 Annie just loves her Bumpa. I have a little plastic book with family pictures in it and she always knows right who Bumpa is. We called my parents just the other day and she wouldn't stop saying Bumpa, so I handed her the phone (which she thought was quite the treat) and she just stared at it. Which is funny since she'll walk around using the channel changer as a phone and blabber like crazy.

 Playing with Uncle Neeeooo! They're so fun to watch together....ladies get your act together! This man will be a great father (forgive me Neal :)) and husband!

 Cousin Charlotte coming to join in the fun!

 I just couldn't resist. I love this picture...

 Playing ball with Bumpa

 This is usually how my day goes. Annie just loves being outside. Thank goodness I don't have handle knobs like these. She'll usually give the door a try herself and then whine a bit then start signing help and about kills me it's so cute.

...and then she mopes. I don't know what I'm going to do when the cold weather hits and I can't just open my back door and let her play on the deck.

We had a lot of fun and can't wait for the craziness of Christmas!

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