Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chloe's Visit

On my way back from Bainbridge, we decided to bring Chloe along and let her spend some time with me in UT. She was here for 11 days and we had a ton of fun. I was so excited to have her here. It was the first since Jared and I got married (she was a flower girl).
Her and her Dad have this odd obsession with IN-N-OUT Burger. I don't get it. It's just a hamburger. She about flipped out when she saw the sign. They don't have any in WA yet.

Since she came to my house, it only seems right that I try and domesticate (craftify) her. So I took her to a fabric store, let her pick out some fabric and I taught her how to sew this purse. She made it almost completely by herself. She started getting a little burned out towards the end but lets be honest, she's ten...eeks 11 today!

And here's the finished product. Don't you love the pose...she is a tween.

Annie and I took her to her first rodeo. We chose the Ogden rodeo, it's my favorite by far. Jared was still working nights so he couldn't join us. Her favorite part? The too Chloe... me too.
She insisted on some cotton candy, Annie went nuts over it!

One of my conditions while she stayed at my house was that she had to do her hair everyday. See since my child has decided to not grow hair very fast I feel quite robbed. As long as I let her watch the Disney Channel (ugh!) she let me do it. This was one of my favorites!

I have a good friend that trains horses so I called him up and he was more than happy to let Chloe and I go for a ride. She was nervous but did great!

Annie's first horse ride!

Once we hit the weekend, we packed up the truck and took Chloe to go camping. We had quite an odd summer this year and spring was quite long and wet so there was still snow at the top of the mountain.

We found some fun beaver ponds and decided to go hike around them.

Everyone decided to take a dip. Now I do mean everyone (except Annie of course). Jared stripped down to his skivvies walked slowly in and slowly back out (to avoid stirring up the yucky mud), Chloe stripped down to her t-shirt and underwear and walked right in. It took some convincing but as you'll see below she did end up dunking herself...and me? Well I slipped on a rock and fell in and though Jared and Chloe didn't think it counted I sure as heck did!

Some other fun things we did while she was here included: playing with some girls in my neighborhood for hours at a time, taking one of them to a local swimming pool (and flirting with some boys while they were at it), having a sleep over and painting nails, participating in Activity Days (making some cute Journal Jars), baking yummy banana bread, helping me make dinners at night, etc. We had fun, well I did I hope she did. I'm so glad she was able to come and can't wait for her to visit again.

Thanks for the fun Chloe!!!

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