Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meema's House

Back in July I had signed up to participate in this fabulous homemade craft show called Indie Banditas. Due to Bainbridge not being able to get their act together (STILL) on some road construction we had to cancel the show. I was super bummed about it and had the option to sell at their Christmas Show (which you should go to...Thanksgiving weekend!) but since we're spending Thanksgiving with Jared's family this year, I just didn't think it was fair to take that time away from them. I already had the plane tickets so Annie and I packed up and decided to spend the weekend at Meema's anyway.

 First things first....we had to make our mark. This is my fault. I give her free reign on bottom drawers in my house. On a positive note, I've become quite fast at organizing my tupperware drawer and folding dishtowels. Apparently plastic utensils are WAY more fun.

This next series of photos is a crack up to me. We decided to get some pictures of all the grand kids on my side of the family. Sad right? Jared's side has 14 with the 15th on the way. But I tell you what, the little red head in these pictures makes up for about 10 grand kids. She's so full of spunk!

...there's that monkey again...

Meema, Charlotte, Chloe, Bumpa, Annie
 We just had to throw Uncle Kyle in the mix. He's such a sap for these girls

Though it was a dissapointment that I didn't get the chance to participate in my first show, it was nice to have a trip that we didn't have anything going on, nothing planned, just a visit. I love the times I can have with my family so this was a nice breather for me.


Determined to sell at a craft show, I signed up to sell at a local one here in UT. So if you live in Northern Utah and feel like coming to the Logan Holiday Gift Show. PLEASE come and support me, even if you come to just say hi :) November 4-5th at the Riverwoods Conference Center in Logan, UT!

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  1. I will try and remember to put that on my calendar. You might have to email me to remind me. That is super close to where I live you know: I may get to see you for longer than five minutes...maybe.