Friday, May 27, 2011

March of Dimes

A couple of weeks ago, Jared and I had the opportunity to participate in the March of Dimes. His work puts together a team and encourages participation. Since we're up for most anything on a "boring" Saturday (as Jared puts it), we signed right up. After signing up, Jared brought home 3 shirts for us to wear. A large for him, a medium for me, and a small for Annie. Great, right??? ADULT small for Annie. Are these people for real? My daughter go looking like some homeless child?

Seriously Mom? I can't find my arm....
I think not!!!! As usual, I went overboard and gussied up my little angel...but boy was she the star of the show. People just couldn't get enough of her ;)
I based my design off of this tutorial I found perusing the results of my google search.

But instead of adding the rosettes to the bottom, I added a bunch of ruffles! I might have been squealing at the results....maybe :)

Such a ham!
Just look at that good lookin' matchy matchy family ;)

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  1. That is absolutely darling! I love it! you are so creative, Katie. You are amazing!