Saturday, May 28, 2011

Iron and Sugar

So I've heard that each wedding anniversary has a traditional gift. You know, silver for 25 years, gold for 50 years, etc. Since today is our 6th anniversary, I thought I would look online and see what the traditional gift is for 6 years..... iron and sugar...really? It's like whoever was making these up thought they would just stick with the elements....sugar may not be an official element but we'll just pretend since I'm not a scientist and lets be honest, it should be.

Anyway, Jared and I are enjoying our anniversary amongst friends which I think is sometimes just as much fun. I'll add more on that at a later date but for now, enjoy some fun pictures of us... 6 years ago :)



  1. You have your moms beautiful smile....especially in the second photo down. Congratulations you two!