Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Annie's Nursery

So Annie's turning a year and I finally finished her nursery. Slow going, I know but I just couldn't decide on the curtains and it wasn't complete without something above her crib and my Mum came up with the perfect solution.

I ended up LOVING the curtains. I was skeptical as you don't normally choose pistachio as the color for curtains but I really love how it ties the bedding into the room.
Jared painted the room, as it used to be blue. He also painting the glider rocker and reupholstered it with a dark brown suede fabric. I made the window valance and the curtains.

Don't you love this?!?! For the longest time, I just couldn't figure out what I wanted above her crib. My Mum found a great Groupon deal to Dali Decals and we bought this cute bird set. You can't really tell from the picture but there are black birds and pistachio green birds too. The green ones show up the best on the brown half of the wall.

I'm not going to lie, I saw this changing table on someone elses blog (cough...Tiff...cough) and loved it. So it might not be original but I loved being able to use baskets for storage. My Mum donated the shelves and bought me the beautiful artwork for Mother's Day last year.

Close up of the artwork. It's just so sweet!

Enlarge, if you can't see. This is my other favorite wall. I have the birdies perched on the trim around her closet.

More birdies...and of course, the ribbon board.

My Dad stated it perfectly when he said "it's more like a piece of art". Well said Dad...well said.
I've actually had requests to make these for people. Truthfully, I stole the idea off of another friends blog. But I made mine HUGE. I don't even have all her bows on here because I ran out of room :)

My favorite little birdie....aren't they cute???

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