Saturday, March 5, 2011

Video Roundup

This video was taken a little over a month ago so she's a much more proficient crawler now but this was the first video I got of her crawling.

Annie goes through some funny phases. I'm sure some of the noises she makes just sound so interesting. I think they're great for some good entertainment. She went through a phase where she just squeaked all the time. Glad I caught it on video since it only lasted a week....

Another funny phase....she cackles. Sometimes she does her cute little laugh but for some reason she's all about cackling these days.

Yet another phase. One night after we had eaten, Annie was just sitting in her highchair and all of a sudden started spitting like crazy. She did it for about ten minutes straight. I'm not sure what made her do it but it was super funny.

Jared always knows how to get a good laugh out of Annie...

I love giving her new things to eat. These peaches were too cute...

She thinks these slippers are just too funny...I'll be honest, who doesn't?!?!

She gets into all sorts of mischief these days. I try to "corral" her from the tile since she still isn't really stable and takes tumbles here and there but she manages to find her way back over to it...

Meal times these days seem like a scream fest. She's not angry or anything, she just thinks if she screams, the food will come faster...most times it does. So I'm trying to teach her to say "more". It's coming along, though most the time it just sounds like "maaa" and she slaps her hand on her demanding!

This ones for TyTy. Annie's first experience with Spaghetti and she went to town. I love how she says "nom nom". We've been teaching her that one too :)


  1. These are sweet torture! So funny, but just want to squeeeeeze her! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Have you tried teaching her to sign 'more"? It worked great for my kids when they were little..

  3. Kate! I'm dying over these videos! Sophie would do the same thing to squeal... she'd suck in air and squeek! Annie is such a doll. By the way... what was that thing she was eating peaches out of? I've never seen anything like that... looks pretty neat!
    P.S. Lets go visit Mal with our girls! Ha :) Could you imagine us on the plane??

  4. Oh Katie these are so cute! Mariko makes A LOT of the same noises! Haha it is hilarious! She cackles, and squeaks just like Annie! Love it!