Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Activity Days

I'm loving my new calling. I just got called as an Activity Days Leader. These girls are so fun...and quite creative. I love seeing what they come up with.

The last activity... Hair flowers. After they made their flowers, they had a fashion show. They are so cute with Annie too. I don't have to worry about her one bit.

These two just pass her back and forth the whole time...Future babysitters???

Any good ideas for Activity Days? I could do crafts all year but they need more than that. I would love to hear what others have done!


  1. This is my calling as well! Our leaders are strict about us doing it all out of the book, so here are some things we have done-
    Modesty- Create fashions from newspaper and have a fashion show
    charity- make a craft and give it to the older single women in our ward
    let me think on this! we are on vacation and I haven't come back "down to earth" yet.

  2. I can't say enough about that cute redhead. She is my niece, and I can guarantee she will be an excellent babysitter someday!

  3. Katie, seriously, Annie is one of the most ADORABLE babies EVAR!!! (And I don't hand out a lot of baby compliments.)

  4. the best thing about Annie I've noticed is she is ALWAYS smiling, so cute.

    So activity days was one of my favorite times when I was younger and I remember have so much fun every week. here are a couple of things we did that I can remember:

    1. Learn how to set a dinner table, where do the forks and knives, spoons, glasses, dessert spoon/fork, napkin go? (I still use this today) then we learned how to fold napkins all fancy and in different shapes, (I don't use this as much but it was really fun to learn!)

    2. I don't remember what the lesson was on (probably inner beauty) but we did scary makeup on ourselves, green face makeup, crazy wigs, spiders, red lipstick, witch noses, etc and then we took "glamor" shots :) Our advisor then took them and framed the pics for us and I had mine in my room until college, probably still there at my parents house.

  5. Katie, you are PERFECT for that calling! I know Jillian would love to have you as her leader!