Saturday, March 12, 2011

My New Toy

About 6 years ago for Christmas my parents bought me a camera. At that time it could have been considered fancy. By todays means, it was a dinosaur. But I loved it. It was a huge block of a camera produced 3.2 mega pixel shots and it worked like a charm. I've had no desire to replace it....
and then it happened....I placed it into my diaper bag and when I went to retrieve it a couple of days later a huge crack was in the display screen :( I was devastated. This camera had been my faithful friend and let's be honest, It still worked and took great pictures but have any of you tried to take a picture by looking through the little hole??? After having the screen it's just impossible.

So Jared promised that when we received our tax return I could buy a new one. I wanted the same camera. I laughed a little when upon researching mega pixels, the smallest you could find was 10...boy was my camera outdated. I found a newer version of my canon powershot and this is what was purchased:
I'm quite aware that it's pink. This was not my intention but I went to buy the same camera online (different color) and wondered if they had it in store...I wanted it now. Upon calling the store it turned out they had one in store and it was $30 off because it was an online return. I could care less that it was pink (I called Jared and all he cared about was saving the $30) so I snatched up that little pink cutie.

And what better than to have this little cutie as your first test subject :)


  1. Buying a new camera is tragic when you've loved your old one! I had to do that about a year ago. I like my new camera, but haven't fallen in love with it like I had my last one.

  2. I feel the same way as Jenny. My BEST camera, I dropped while hugging her on my birthday. I have a replacement, but it's not the same!

  3. I would have picked pink...even if it was more money. In my house full of boys, pink means it's MINE!

  4. Katie - I was reading through your blogs and I was like, MAN these pictures are WORLDS better than the old ones, she must have gotten a new camera, and VOILA a came to this blog. They all look great! Congrats on your newest family additon (the camera). - JDipo