Saturday, March 19, 2011

9 Months

My happy little pea is 9 months and since I delivered her about a month early, she's officially been "alive" for as long as I carried her in the womb. Weird. I feel like pregnancy was so much longer than this.
monkey see, monkey do?

It amazes me how much Annie learns and masters in just one month. She catches on to things so quickly these days.

New tricks we've learned:
-understands signs (more & all done)
-sometimes says "more"
-gives fives (this is absolutely adorable, I promise to get this on video soon)
-walking while holding our fingers
-pulls up on furniture like a pro and holds on with one hand to squat and pick up a toy
-saying mama and dada
-attempting to cruise along furniture
-eating any piece of food placed in front of her. She loves to grab at the little pieces...though usually more than one go in at a time (such a porker)
Here's the newest trick. She loves to grab the towels off the oven and suck on a result, I change them much more often than I used to :)

Doctor's Stats
- Height: 26 3/4" (25%)
- Weight: 17 lb 7 oz (25%)
Though she seems small to me, I was glad to see that she's crawling up on the percentage charts. I fear she'll just be small her whole life but with a mom like me, I suppose it was bound to happen. The doctor was surprised to hear all her fun little parlor tricks. It seems she is right on board with her development.

This was a crack up. Annie decided to crawl into this basket and managed to get herself high centered. At one point her arms and legs were flailing all at once...oh my I was almost crying.

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  1. Katie, she is seriously so dang cute! Do you ever make it up to Logan? If you do we should really get together sometime! I bet our girls would love it and I know I would too!