Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Only Sunshine

About a month ago, Annie and I left this handsome man behind (the one on the right...sorry Riv you're just not my type) and ventured to the Great Northwest to spend a week of fun and enjoyment at my parent's house.

Ry was so cute with Annie, he set up a barrier of pillows so that she couldn't get into anything she shouldn't and then he proceeded to hover "just to make sure". I can't wait until he has kids...

Mum and I made these great rag tags. Annie likes to suck on the tags of all of her toys. A good friend told us about these rag tags...genius! She loves them, I made two!

Dinner time is not Jared's favorite. I love stripping her down to her diaper and letting her enjoy her dinner. Why not?!?! Peas are waaay too fun to not smoosh around a bit :)

This is a new face...I'm glad I caught it on camera. I'm not sure where she got it from but sometimes it shows up right before she starts to pout.

She started sucking on her reflection on the dishwasher. She kept on patting it and smiling at her reflection. It was too funny.

Side lying beauty pose...notice the binky. For the past seven months, all Annie has done is chew on her binky. The day we arrived in Seattle, she started actually sucking on it! She now takes a binky when she's tired and will actually put herself back to sleep with it...AMAZING!

This is what happens to my Mum's Kitchen table when I come to visit. Sorry Mum, but we did have fun right? The weeks crafts included, tag rags, bracelets, earrings, and the thought that a quiet book would get started (more on that to come!).

 Annie did this a couple of times. Apparently even just an hour time change was a bit much for her...

 My sweet little niece Charlotte. She's such a little firecracker. She saw this fun flower I was wearing in my hair and decided that she wanted to try it out. Don't you just love that red hair!?!?! I'd like to note that this is the only time I've even been able to convince her to put something in her hair! One of my favorite things about her is when you ask her a question and her answer is yes she never says, "yah" it's always "yes" and it's a very confident yes. There's just something funny about a little 3 year old being so proper, it's so dang cute!

 Bathing in Meema's big tub!

 Look at that binky!!! Who's child is this?!?!

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!!! These are all of my parent's grandchildren. Three BEAUTIFUL girls! 7 months, 3 years, and 10 years old

On the ferry on our way back home...

 Uncle TyTy didn't want to let Annie go. He tried to convince me to leave her behind....ha right, and you let me know how the first poopy diaper goes...

 Posing for the camera with Bumpa!

A beautiful sunset greeted me as we landed back home in Utah. Though I've flown more times than I can count, it's always a wondrous sight to see a sunset from an airplane. Annie was amazing on all the flights we were on. She snuggled right up into my arms and slept the whole time. Such a great little traveler!


  1. Love the picture of the three girls together! Your parents sure are lucky to have such beautiful granddaughters! I'm glad you had such a wonderful visit.

  2. Man, Annie just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!! I didn't think that was possible! :o) That one picture of the "new face" is so cute, Mariko does that all the time, silly girls. Yay Rag Tag! Glad that you made one. And how cool about the binky! I love when they just put themselves back to sleep...ahh so nice!