Wednesday, February 16, 2011

8 Months

My baby girls has grown so much in the last month alone.

She is a full time crawler now. No more army heave ho! Hand and knees it is. She's already begun to pull herself up on our furniture. It looks so funny with her little body. It just doesn't seem as though she's big enough to be doing this stuff yet! She's even started taking little uncoordinated steps when she's holding onto our fingers.

She eats any baby food we put near her mouth. She's like a little bird. As soon as a spoon comes near her face, open her mouth goes, it's so cute. She's starting to understand the whole "hand to mouth" food method. For now, she can pick it up but can't quite get the concept of opening her hand to let go of the food. It just gets her frustrated. But we're workin' on it.

She likes to walk around in her walker and especially loves to crawl to me. In her eyes, Jared and I are just human jungle gyms.

Still no teeth but I think I see a couple of little white dots on her bottom gums. She's always been a drooler so I guess it's really just a guessing game.

She loves to say dada and the only time she's said mama is when she's so upset and wants to be picked up. It's rather pathetic really. It's like this slow sad crawl and she just wimpers and says "mama mama". It melts my heart.
Yep! That's her very first pony tail!!!

She's such a pleasure to have around. She's discovered her hands and toes recently. She likes to watch her little fists move up and down and when I don't have socks on her feet, those little toes move promptly to her mouth.

She's become a little bit of a "mama's girl" recently to my dismay. Though I love that she wants me, I'd rather she be ok to not be held by me ALL THE TIME. I try not to pick her up too much so that she can be independent but really...with her little face, it's hard not to oblige.

Bath time is so much fun. She's discovered how much fun splashing the water is. It still alarms her sometimes but she loves to kick and splash with her hands.

And the best news of all....she's only getting up once in the night!!!! HOORAY!!!!
I feel awful though, I finally just had to let her cry herself to sleep. You know, before you have a baby you think, oh that's no big deal at all. Well I've got news for is! Until now, I would have this anxiety. Is she cold? Is she hungry? Does she need a diaper change? Is she sick?
I finally bought a book. It had some good advice. At this age, as long as they are well fed before they go to bed, they should be able to sleep through the night without having to get up for a feeding. I'm done nursing now, so I know how much she's getting before she goes to bed and Jared and I "barricaded" her window with quilts and blankets because it was letting in a TON of cold air so I know she's not getting too cold. So we went for it. And it's worked! It took about a week to get there but she only cries about once a night. And it's usually because she's rolled herself away from her binkie and she can't find it (I know, that's something we'll have to wean later but I'm sleeping now...we'll talk about that when it's time).

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