Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekend Festivities

Last weekend my parents came to visit. It was short and sweet and I was so sad to see them go but good thing they'll be back soon when our sweet baby girl makes her grand appearance.

They came down for the baby shower that Jared's mom and my sister-in-laws threw for me. I don't have pictures from the shower (bad!!! I know!!!, my Mum has some pictures I'll just have to link you to her blog when she posts pictures). While they came to visit, my Mum and I got pedicures, Mum and Dad bought us a fabulous changing table, Mum got bored so she started cleaning my house (love you Mum!), we went to Nielsen's TWICE, watched Jared play baseball, went to the temple to do some family work, and went to my baby shower.

Just some background about the picture below. Christmas of 2008 my grandmother (Mum's Mum) passed away. Bitter-sweetly, her honey of over 60 years followed about 2 weeks later. The blessing shows about a year and a half later this past weekend. Jared, Jared's brother, my parents and myself were able to go to the temple to seal everyone as eternal families. We were able to seal my Grandpa to his parents, my Grandma to her parents, My grandparents to each other, and my Mum to her parents. How grateful I am to know and have a testimony of the plan of salvation and of the power of eternal families. I just had this vision of my grandparents giddy with excitement that their work was being done and that they now have the opportunity to fully accept the gospel and all that comes with the blessings of the gospel.

We just had to get a shot, I mean after all Grandma and Grandpa did just get married :)
We should have had Nate in this picture too he was such a big help.
There were about 3 brides and grooms making their way out of the Temple so we had to snap quick before we ended up in the family shots :)

To make up for my lack of baby shower shots, here's one of the haul our sweet little girl made. Boy is she spoiled!

And more... notice the fabulous minky blanket on top of the boxes, Jared's mom made it and it is SOOOO exceptionally soft, I can't help but use it myself!

31 weeks!

This is about a week and a half ago but Jared is out playing poker with his buddies and I'm not even going to attempt to try and take one myself.

I thought I would showcase this little "woobie" that my niece Lydia made for little Annie. Under it is a bigger one that Jared's mom made for us but I think it's awesome that my niece (who is 9) has the talent to piece together a mini quilt! So much talent...I didn't even attempt that until I was 23!!!

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  1. Had SO much fun! So glad we have an extra "excuse" to visit more often.