Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear little Annie...

You're making it quite hard to do much these days. Some days it seems as though I've lost my ankles and other days the lower back pain is so intense that not even laying down seems to do much. And last night...lets just say that will be THE LAST TIME I eat dinner after 8PM. I'm pretty sure Jared has never seen me throw fact I'm pretty sure it's been well over 15 years since I have. Not an ok situation for me. I hate it beyond anything. But let's get this straight, you take all the time you need as long as it isn't more than 6 more weeks okay?

34 weeks

This is my most favorite tree that we have at our house. The blooms are a vibrant hot pink color. Unfortunately it's in the back of our house where I can hardly appreciate it but I posted a picture of it because it makes my heart happy to see the beautiful blooms.

Jared and I had the opportunity to meet the newest member of the Griffin clan. He's beautiful and oh so perfect and makes me want to hold my sweet baby girl oh so bad. I love the picture above because he's sticking out his tongue at Jared. Jared has a "special" relationship with his nieces and nephews. It cracks me up, they like to give him the hardest time. This one's just starting young.

I had to post this one (two so our family in Novascotia could soak in his cuteness) because he's smirking a little bit. Jared said it was because he had gas, I just think he's too stinkin' cute!

P.S. little miss Annie, your sweet new cousin came into the world weighing 8 lbs even...please take note, I don't think your poor mother could handle much more than that.


  1. Getting closer. You're looking darling.

  2. You threw up?! What in the world did you eat?! Should have had Nielson's - it always makes everything all better. (Hang in there.)

  3. Wow Katie! You are SO close, and too cute as a mom-to-be! Thank you for posting the aDoRaBle pictures of our new little nephew!! G and L sure have CUTE kids! I remember when Lori had Chase and I was still pregnant...oh the envy ;) It'll happen before you know it, and then you still won't sleep but at least you can get comfortable. Oh..and I love your hair :)