Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things that...

make my heart happy

These magnolia's smell as glorious as they look

...yes I made all the bows and I'm not crazy....yes there are more, I just got tired of taking all the pictures ;)

Single Digits!!!! Only 9 weeks to go!

And let's not forget the fact that I'll be seeing these two lovely parents of mine soon!!!!


  1. I love the green and black one! I am crazy about that color of green. I need to make some hair things with you for my nieces and a few flowers for me:) I hope you have a cute bow/flower holder for all of these works of art.

  2. I'll just dream of girly ribbons...maybe I'll stick them in my boys hair. Oh forget it, just post loads of pictures of your daughter with them on!

  3. Half of those adorable bows are at my house now! Thanks so so much! Can't wait to find outfits to match every single one of them. Tacey is the best bowed baby on the block for sure.