Saturday, February 20, 2010

22 weeks

21 weeks ----------------------- 22 weeks

Oh the honestly doesn't feel like that much. I'm past my half way point...YAY! Zits are still there and I'm thinking that for now at least I've managed my dry skin issues (Thank you Dove!)

I feel baby girl moving every day now and it's fun to feel how much she moves right after I eat. She's really active during the day and once I get home from work, not so active so I think it's been a dissapointment for Jared that he hasn't been able to feel her move. He's grounded her a couple of times for being so stubborn ;) I swear she knows, she'll be moving like crazy and the second Jared puts his hand on my stomach she stops moving...such a little stinker.

I couldn't help myself...I've already made a bunch of hair flowers and bought some fabric to make her a special quilt from her Mum (funny story, I already have a little boys quilt done...I just assumed I was having a boy). Jared and I put the last coat of primer on the nursery walls today so hopefully we'll get the painting in the nursery done soon.

Check out what we had for dinner tonight! Yum!!!


  1. You could try drinking a tall glass of orange juice in the evening. That ought to wake her up for Jared. Yay sugar!

  2. She gets calm when he puts his hand on her because she knows it's Daddy! My goodness, you're looking pregnant!