Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh Jared....

So this week Jared's said some funny things that I think are most definitely worth quoting :)

Me: (walking past Jared) Excuse me...I have to pee
Jared: I think you're contagious
Me: What? But I'm not sick
Jared: Ever since you got pregnant I pee all the time
Me thinking: dear, you have nothing to complain about :) Though it is funny, he wakes me up every morning at about 4am on the dot because he's getting up to use the bathroom. I've banished drinks after 8pm for him so he'll quit waking me up ;)

Me: Jared, Mum wants to know how long they should stay when baby girl is born. What are your thoughts?
Jared: hmm...tell them they can stay as long as they want but after about 4 weeks I might have to start charging rent
if anyone reading this post knows Jared at all, they should be rolling on the floor with laughter, this is soo something he would say.

Jared: Geez! You're growing like an inch a day! (In the belly mind you, I've been 4'11" for probably 9 years or so)

Gotta love my hubby!

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  1. Same with Brandon on the pee thing!! That is SO funny! Can't wait for his reaction when you have a 9 month belly :) Men are just clueless...and it never changes.