Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day

I love to cook! Mostly to experiment and make new dishes that we haven't had before. I don't get much of a chance to play in the kitchen since by the time I get off work, this little girl growing inside of me doesn't have the patience to wait for something new. So I took liberties, since Valentine's Day was on Sunday and decided to try something new.

On the menu:
WonTon Soup

Jared helped wrap the wontons, it made quite a few!

The soup turned out delicious! And besides the wonton's was pretty darn easy. I'd definitely make it again!

Ham Fried Rice and Pork Spring Rolls

Apple-Grape Sparkling Cider (served in the champagne glasses we forgot to toast with at BOTH our receptions ;)

During dinner Jared gave me a sweet letter that he wrote up for me as my Valentine's Day Gift... it made me cute!

For Dessert: ONLY THE BEST!!!! And what would go perfectly with this little vanilla treat? (Well honestly if you ask me, it's perfect by itself but if you must indulge...)

Molten Chocolate Cakes....that since Jared wanted them a little bit more done, didn't turn out so molten but were delicious non-the-less.

All in all I think it was a successful night. Jared's tastebuds were quite satisfied and my indulgence to cook was fulfilled.


  1. Oh my GOSH this looks GOOD. You should contribute to the dinner blog (, although I'm pretty sure you'd put us all to shame. ;)

  2. These all look so yummy. I love molten lava cakes. I should try the wonton soup. K loves wontons. He doesn't however consider soup a meal so I pretty much never make it:( He always looks at it and then says, so what's for real dinner? Great huh? One of these times I'm going to actually try that frozen custard you rave about. Maybe after the MM sale:)

  3. Okay, I was doing great, but now I WANT FROZEN CUSTARD!~!! Dinner looks great too, but nothing beats that custard (hey, BI franchise???)