Friday, September 18, 2009

Welcome Nina!!!

Nina Bella weighed 4lb 6oz when she was born. I'm not sure how long but she is just miniature. To give you an idea, that hair flower is about 3" in diameter.

We had to snap some cute pictures of her wearing the tutu and hair flowers I made for her. I love it!!!!! okok Jared might have had a kinda sorta "eats" her...but isn't that the point???

I might have gone overboard but our renters just had their baby girl and I, of course, "needed" to make sure this baby was welcomed in true style!

I made this sign for Ryan and Adrianna for when they came home from the hospital.

So exciting!!!

Here's the proud mama holding her in a snuggler that I'm teaching her how to make. This picture was actually taken at 3 weeks. It's so darn cute, she calls her "chuca". I'm not 100% sure but I think it means cutie in Portuguese.

Here's the onesie I made for her...I found a tutorial for the flower here. And seriously it took me no longer than 10 minutes to whip this flower together so simple and perfectly cute!

Every little girl needs ruffle butt onesies! I was seriously giddy making these. I ran downstairs and asked Adrianna if I could borrow a onesie to experiment.

I actually did 5 layers instead of four and I wish that instead of sewing the ends I would have just cut them with the pinking shears like the rest of it. I was so excited with how fun and cute this was! The tutorial is found here.

For her baby shower I made her a ton of alligator clip bows and we decided she needed a good way of keeping them all organized! She made this all on her own (with my assistance close by as she's not really that crafty :)) All in all this project probably cost less than $5! She was thrilled!


  1. So much cute baby girl stuff. Makes me sad I only have a boy:) Nice job with everything.

  2. what a nice neighbor/landlord. you did a fantastic job!!!

  3. Holy crap Martha!! You are amazing...really. I hope one day to have a girl..and you of course;) I need some girl BLING in this house!

  4. Darling! I made a similar onesie a little while ago and just about died over the ruffles on the bum. :) too too cute.