Monday, September 7, 2009

Adventures in dog sitting...

Every so often our friends entrust us with their little child...

His name is Toby. This is the look you get when he's bored (I was blogging...obviously busy ;)
This last time we watched him, Jared took him outside and within 5 minutes came inside and told me he lost Toby. So the search party began. About 30 minutes later we found a Dad and his son from our ward carrying Toby around looking for his owners. Apparently he had crawled under their fence and walked right in their back door. This family owns a Dachshund named Sarge and I guess Toby was just looking for better entertainment. :)

We were trying to get ready for our backpacking trip and I heard Jared talking to Toby. He does this funny trick where he'll balance on his haunches and just look at you for attention...too cute!

I left the room and came back to this....hahaha such an awesome dog. Thanks for letting us watch him Bonnie! He's too much fun!


  1. He looks much more friendly than my last experience with a dachshund!

  2. Amen to Jenny's comment. I got bit by the same dog, I think! Luckily I got a little kick in her side before she ran off.