Monday, September 28, 2009

Gardening...well worth the wait!

Confession: I didn't really grow these spaghetti squash, Jared's mom did but they are my new found favorite squash! Banana squash comes in a close second but if you've never tried a fresh spaghetti squash from the garden it is definitely a must!

I started these but Jared finished. We started with a recipe and by the time Jared took over we had no idea what had been added to the batch. Funny story too, Jared decided to seed the jalapeno peppers with his fingers...first mistake. Then he rubbed his lip with those very fingers...mistake two. He was on FIRE the rest of the night. And just in case you happen to do this to yourself, aloe vera was a good remedy to get him by. It didn't take it completely away but it helped the burn.

I canned a ton of peaches!!! Again, we didn't grow these but my in-law's neighbors did. And they were delicious!

Last year, Jared got impatient and we cut into our watermelon WAY too early and the whole thing was green. I was so sad! So this year I told Jared he was not allowed to cut into the watermelon until I gave him the ok. This year we waited until the second week of Sept. to cut it open and this is what we got!

This image is not meant to be suggestive...get your mind out of the gutter!
I was beyond excited!!! And Jared said it was the best homemade watermelon he had ever tasted. My only complaint was that it had 10 times the normal amount of seeds in it.

Beautiful Carrots!

Ok, disclaimer, I have little feet. I wear 5 1/2 in women's but I still found it amusing that it was the size of my foot!

The BEST part about gardens. These potatoes were AMAZING! I absolutely love red potatoes. Jared and I only grew one row of them this year and we decided that next year we're going to triple that!

mmmmm homemade bruschetta! I grow the basil myself too!

I canned tomatoes for the first time too!

I canned a batch of green beans too!

Yummy green peppers, banana peppers, roma tomatoes, red potatoes, and white onions all from our own garden!

In full bloom!

These are my absolute favorite flowers that grow at our house and unfortunately they grow in a corner behind a tree where not many people get to enjoy their beauty. I should have put my hand next to it so you could see how big they are. They are about six to eight inches in diameter and a stunning shade of red!

Beautiful Lilies!

I thought these peas were funny. The one on top housed a single pea and the one on bottom was 6" long!


  1. Yummy, yummy, yummy! You have been quite busy canning. Wish I could have a garden..the deer eat everything around here. Plus, the weather isn't that favorable to a luscious garden. Enjoy!

  2. amen amen and amen. as you know, i cant get enough of my own garden. and you my dear grew some gorgeous selections this year.

    p.s. i would love your bruschetta recipe. :)

  3. Holy cow! I thought I'd canned a lot. You've been really busy. Super impressed with the results.