Monday, October 5, 2009

Bountiful Camping Trip

Before the summer is over Jared and I like to go camping up Bountiful peak. There are a couple of really awesome camping spots and always some great wheeling in his truck!

It's kind of dark but this is amongst the reasons I love going camping here. Jared is trying to get signal on his cell phone so he can tell his friends where we are. I don't mind that my phone doesn't ring :)

When we got to the camp spot, we found that someone had left a ton of straw there. So Jared gathered it up and we had about 8 inches of padding. Add that to the 4" foam pads we sleep on and it's a wonderful nights rest!

I built this fire all by myself!

Jared thought he's be rude while we attempted a shot of the two of us.

So I decided to be sweet ;)

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