Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bainbridge Island Adventures Part 1

Once during the summer every year we set aside a week to spend some time with my family. The past couple of years my family has gotten together with my Uncle's family to go camping together and this year they went to Hawaii for two weeks so Jared and I decided to make the drive to Bainbridge. After 13 hours of driving this is about the mood Jared was in:

Ha ok, confession I told him to make a rotten face and this is what I got ;) So when we pulled up to my parent's house Jared and I were just talking about how the nice mild weather will be a relief from the hot Utah weather. Lo and behold Seattle welcomed us with 103 degree weather 90% humidity...YUCK!!! It was hot!

Jared always complains that there is nothing to do when we go to Bainbridge Island so this trip we decided we would do at least one thing a day... I would just prefer visiting but Jared is not content sitting around. So the first day we went to Lake Washington and saw the Blue Angels practice for their performance during Sea Fair. It was so awesome!

That evening we got together with my brother and his family for dinner at Mor Mor...mmm the MOST delicious lobster ravioli I think I will ever have the pleasure of eating. It was fun visiting with you guys!

The next day we decided to go kayaking in the Puget Sound. What a beautiful place! We have some good friends that let us borrow their kayak and we just launched off right at their beach.

Jared was pretty terrified after noticing how many jellyfish were in the water. I had to try convince him that they weren't the poisonous kind...he decided at that moment that wake-boarding might not be at the top of his list anymore :)

Look how green everything is behind me!!!! I miss this beautiful island


  1. Nothing to do on Bainbridge? He's crazy! It sounds like you found some great things...I love kayaking. We escaped to Lake Crescent during the hottest days.

  2. What are you doing telling people about BI? It's our secret! Next time, you should go to glass beach in Port Townsend. Glad you had a good trip.