Monday, July 6, 2009

Adriana's Baby Shower

A couple of Saturdays ago I helped host a baby shower for the couple that lives below us. The wife is from Brazil, this is their first baby and they're having a girl. Here are the invites I made:

And of course.....THE DIAPER CAKE!!!!
This one's not as color coordinated as my last diaper cake but I was going more for practicality this time. No one wants all the same color hair bows...

I might have gone a little bit overboard but I had never made alligator clip bows and flower clips before so my quick experiment job turned into about 30+ clips...I just couldn't stop myself, they're so darn cute! I especially liked the black and orange clip with the black wings... yay for Halloween!

Flower Clips! There is quite an assortment, some are made from felt, some from fabric flowers, some from plastic flowers, using buttons, brads, etc.

I made these headbands out of baby tights. They're really easy. Just cut off the leg, sew the toe to the thigh making a circle, then using the elastic from the waste of the tights, hot glue the band around your seam..voila! Anti brain squeezing baby headbands!

I made this flower to go with the tutu around the cake. I just think every little girl should have a tutu and matching mega flower headband for a newborn shot...I so need a baby girl :(

Side note: if you make these clips don't waste your money buying alligator clips at Walmart. I paid the same price for 100 clips at Sally Beauty Supply rather than just 10.

Cute tutu!!! These are very easy and fairly inexpensive to make. It takes 3 rolls of 6" tulle (I didn't even end up using all of it) and an elastic. All you do is sew your elastic together to have the desired circumference and tie the toole around the elastic...easy as pie!

Funny story...I had the tutu laying on the couch before it was finished and this was the conversation that followed:

Jared: What is that?!?!
Katie: What's it look like? It's a tutu!
Jared: For who???
Katie: For Adriana's baby of course
Jared: That's for a baby?!?! It's going to eat the poor child!!!
haha oh boys...they just don't understand...


  1. hahahah! that is too funny..."it's going to eat the poor child." hahaha.. oh yes and you do need a baby girl alright...and I love making bows too they're so fun!!!

  2. These all turned out so cute! You are so talented. I'm a bit jealous you had a reason to make cute hair clips. Boy stuff just isn't quite as fun:) Great job.