Monday, June 29, 2009

Bridesmaids Frames

While helping out with my cousin's wedding I was dubbed a nickname I've never received before. My cousin Bryanna started calling me Martha and handing me all sorts of crafts to do....I'm thinking how the heck am I supposed to fill those shoes??!?!

Bryanna then sent her boyfriend to our hotel room with 4 plain white frames, 4 red ribbons, and 2 puff paints (one silver, one purple). I was then told to make 4 bridesmaids frames. I didn't get the chance to finish them while in WA so I brought them home with me and told her I would send them soon.

After about an hour of practicing and really botching it, I decided the puff paint wasn't for me. My handwriting just isn't cute enough and I don't have steady enough hands to pull it off. So this is what I came up with instead. A little bit of decoupage, some cute flowers, large brads, and ribbon is all these babies needed.

Well I think I've done it. Miss Martha Stuart probably couldn't have whipped these out any cuter ;)

P.S. this would be an excellent and really affordable craft for enrichment, young women's, super Saturdays, etc.

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  1. I have a friend that does these frames all the time! She has mastered the art of altering stuff. Another idea, chipboard letters and words. Friends, Family etc. We did some for YW for Father's Day with their Daddy-Daughter photos in them. Seriously, yours turned out so cute and Martha definitely has nothing on you!