Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sarah's Baby Shower!

Jared's cousin Sarah just had her baby shower and since I love to live vicariously through women who are having or have babies I just had to throw my two cents in. Tip Junkie had a week or two when they posted ideas for baby showers and I thought they were just too much fun. So I decided to try my hand at making a diaper cake and freezer paper onesies for her new little baby boy.

Here is the before shot of the onesies before I pulled off the freezer paper. I found a couple of tutorials on the web. Here is where I originally got the freezer paper onesie idea. Lot's of stencils for freezer paper here! I had to fish around quite a bit to find some good "boy" stencils but I think they came out just fine.I had the ladies from the shower paint the onesies and just a side note...notice Batman and his lovely blue circle around the edge. If there are little girls at the shower and you think they might decide to go outside the stencil, make sure your edges look ok.
I could not believe that the Nintendo handle worked out. That was more an experiment on my part to see how detailed you could get with these stencils. I can't wait to make something for Jared!

Don't you just love that elephant? I saw him and knew he must be my cake topper!
I had an absolute blast making this diaper cake. After I got all the diapers rolled up, I called my mother in law to come help me decorate. Everything on this cake, minus the ribbon can be used for the baby. There are even two bottles in the center that Sarah can use in the future.
Fabulous Diaper Cake ideas here!
Great Diaper Cake tutorial found here!
Roses made out of baby socks and washcloths tutorial found here!


  1. Your diaper cake turned out great! It is so cute and very practical. I love the freezer paper onesies. I've never seen them before, so I'm on my way to the link to see how to make them. Great ideas for a baby shower.

    Thanks for including tutorials for making the cake, onesies, and baby sock & washcloth roses. I want to try my hand at these ideas.

  2. So cute! I need to live by you so I can be more crafty. Can we make that happen?

  3. These turned out so fabulously! I love the cake. I keep hoping for an opportunity to make one:)

  4. We love that you were able to use the freezer paper stencils! We loved this idea for our sisters baby shower. Your designs were great. Anjeanette had fun gathering boy designs, as well. Girl designs are easy, but with boys you have to dig a little. We just used the freezer stencils again, for shirts for a family reunion.

    Great job!