Wednesday, February 25, 2009

White Knuckles!

Yesterday Jared and I went on our first flight. I managed to snap a few pictures while sitting in the backseat.

This is my view from out my windows.

Here's my view out the front of the plane. Notice the angle of the mountains. We were in quite a steep left turn...hence the title of this post.

Jared also had the opportunity to take off and land the plane all on his own. The landing was a little bit rocky but all in all I've landed worse in a skywest plane with a professional pilot. We had a blast and Jared can't wait to really get started on the training!


  1. you are SO brave! i'd've been DYING! but how exciting! :)

  2. How much fun is that! I think it's awesome. Besides everyone can use an adventure every now and again. It keeps life fun.

  3. Kylie says you should have gone skydiving!

  4. congrats! that seems like it will be a fun new adventure for you guys!!