Friday, February 20, 2009

Fly Me To The Moon

...ok not really the moon.
Well it's official. As of yesterday, Jared has signed up to learn to be a pilot. When we first started dating I remember helping him study for ground school but after he finished that class and realized how much it would cost, gave up on the dream. As we've been talking about his future and what he'd like to do to for a living, aviation came back into the picture. Since we don't have any kids and I'm still working full time we figured now is as good a time as ever.
Jared has spent the last 2 months researching different schools and programs and decided on attending Leading Edge Aviation. The program is perfect for us since going to a University would cost about $14,000 a semester just to get a degree along with the flight training and Jared already has two bachelors so that's not worth it. He gets to start now and also gets to schedule flights whenever he wants/needs them. He also gets to pace it however he wants so he can finish quick or move along slow. We get to go for a free flight on Tuesday with the person who will be his think he'll be embarrassed if I bring my camera ;)
I'm so excited for him and what's best of all, he's excited! He's finally working towards a goal that has him looking forward to the future! It will take us a few years to get to a point where it will start to pay off but as long as he's happy, I'm happy....YAY I'm going to be married to a PILOT!


  1. My cousin got his pilot's license and then went to school to be an air traffic controller. He really likes his job. Seriously, you can't underestimate the difference that really enjoying your job has on your life. Oh, and take your camera. Who cares what they think, you'll regret it if you don't:) Besides, I'll bet his wife or someone does the same thing. With scrappers and bloggers out there, I don't think anyone thinks twice about people taking photos.

  2. So exciting! And how FUN to be the wife of a pilot. :)