Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So Truly Blessed

We actually went on this trip a few weeks ago but I just barely got these pictures from Jared's brother. Every summer we plan a couple of days to go backpacking up in the High Uintas. This year was Jared's brother's first time since his mission and we got to go with a group of people that had pack horses. So since we didn't have to carry packs we were able to hike in about 12 miles on the first day. We went up there over labor day weekend and since it was over a Sunday we decided to hold a mini testimony meeting.

What made this testimony so great was that we were in one of the Lord's most untouched places. The beauty of the High Uintas is remarkable and pictures can only begin to show how breathtaking some of the scenery and wildlife are (which is good since it's such hard work to get up there). The spirit easily resides in a place free of worldly possessions and boy could we ever feel it. As we finished this testimony meeting we all just sat in silence and looked at the world that our God created for us and soon started a discussion of how magnificent it was that he created this world that we're in. Every year when we hike up to the Uintas, I realize this but I seem to forget it once we get off the mountains and back home. I am so grateful for this earth and the beauty that it brings and especially for the opportunity I have to be able to live here and experience how wonderful it is...even if mother nature decides to bless us with 6 fresh inches of snow the day we packed out :)

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  1. Looks like such a fun weekend. We've never made it into the Unitahs. It's on the wish list. Glad you got to experience nature at its best.