Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vase Decoupage

So this weekend I decided I was going to finally start doing some decorating and after hanging a few things decided I needed to make some flower arrangements. So I took my 40% off coupon to JoAnn's and picked out some really cute flowers. Then I went to pick out a vase...problem...the JoAnn's here is about half the size of the one in Logan and didn't have anything to choose from. Lucky for me, I had a dollar store right next door. I found the vase I wanted but the only problem was, it was clear. Which for fake flowers isn't really all that good of an idea. So I decided to get crafty. I picked up some tissue paper and a new ink pad and headed for home.
I started with two of these super simple vases.

Then I started to decoupage! I bought the decoupage at a Michaels quite a long time ago. It's not very expensive and it doesn't take much so it's well worth the buy. Make sure that you get the decoupage on the vase, place torn up tissue paper on the wet stuff, then decoupage over the top of it. Continue doing this until the vase is completely covered. Now you have your base. Let it completely comes the fun part!

I decided to decorate my vases with these cute stamps that my mom got me. My base is a really pretty deep chocolate and the flowers I have are all very fall/autumn colors so I chose a tan tissue paper, and bronze and chocolate ink pads. This is a layering effect that my mom taught me. This stamp set was made to layer so you take the first stamp (which I did in bronze) and stamp it on the tissue paper, then with the second stamp (in chocolate) you line it up and stamp right on top of the first one. Easy! Then after you've done quite a few, just cut them out...I recommend finding a good show on t.v. this made my hands cramp a little bit.

Then, just like the base layer, you decoupage the flowers right onto the vase. And these are the final result! You can do quite a bit of different things with decoupage (stripes, polka dots, solid, ribbon, etc.). It's way fun and I was so proud of myself for making a craft that was worthy to show off :) Even Jared thought they looked nice...


  1. Look at you Miss crafty. I absolutely love the vases. A project I never would have thought about doing-mostly because I don't stamp, and my stampin' buddy moved away:( Nice work!

  2. You are seriously the most crafty person ever! I would've given up at trying to arrange flowers let alone make a vase for them to be housed in!! Love it!

  3. Love your idea for the vase. I have some clear vases and think I'll have to give it a try. I don't stamp but looks like fun, may have to pick up a stamp or two and try it out.

    Love your vase!