Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flowers for a funeral

On September 7th, Jared's grandpa lost his three year battle with cancer (with only being given 1 year to live, he fought pretty hard!). I wanted to buy some flowers for his grandma but Jared had a better idea. He went out and collected some of the flowers and grass that was growing around the house and created this amazing bouquet! I was so impressed and it meant so much more that he made it himself instead of going and buying one from the store...such a talented guy I married!


  1. He's quite talented in the flower arranging area. I love that you captured him picking the flowers. So sweet.

  2. Beautiful! You two are quite the creative couple!

  3. Yay you found...us. Cute blog..and yes your hubby is quite talented...so are you with your decoupage...