Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wyatt's Here!

Well I managed to go my whole pregnancy without "formally" announcing that I was pregnant again. Guess that's what happens when you have a toddler and try to manage pregnancy at the same time. Honestly I just got so far behind that I've dreaded trying to catch up and since I'm super OCD, things had to go in order first. So here goes...

This pregnancy was harder than the last. I still never threw up (THANK HEAVENS), but I battled a lot of nausea the first trimester. With Annie's pregnancy I had issues with my sciatic nerve right from the start. I had the same issue with this pregnancy except this time, I had it in both legs instead of just one. Talk about crippling. There went any hopes of working out as I could hardly walk without falling over with pain. Then there was the heartburn, oh the heartburn. I ended up taking medication for that this pregnancy because it was so bad, ugh. Beyond the normal aches, pains, and exhaustion though everything else went great. I should be grateful, some women have it MUCH worse.

I also had a bit of a wrench thrown at me towards the end of my pregnancy. Around 28 weeks or so, Jared got a new job with Fidelity (yay!). Upon receiving their benefits information, we found out that I would no longer be able to see my OB (NOOOO!!!). I don't know that I would have minded all that much except for the fact that I have to have my babies by c-section. Kind of an intimate thing to have a doctor slice you in half. Since my current doctor had done such an amazing job the last time, I was really nervous to go to another. I received some recommendations from my neighbors (since my neighborhood is a baby making factory) as well as my current doctor and upon my first meeting with my new doctor, my fears were put at rest when she asked me if I knew what the gender was and I replied, a boy, and she looked again and said, "well don't worry, he's still a boy, nothing has fallen off" haha you have to love a doctor with a sense of humor.

Since I have planned c-sections, by law, doctors are not allowed to deliver before 39 weeks (unless of course you go into labor before then). Bummer. I think my subconscious really wanted him out because towards the end of my pregnancy, I would keep having these dreams that my water would break. I had mixed feelings about this since my parents were flying in this time and they're flight wouldn't be coming in until two days before my scheduled c-section. But boy was I miserable by 39 weeks, ugh! This short, little body just can't take it! Anyway, by the time we reached the night before my surgery, I knew my water wouldn't break. It's kind of surreal walking into the hospital knowing that within a few hours, I would have another baby without having to go through labor. They gave me my gown, they hooked up my IV, I then walked into the operating room where they gave me my spinal, and within 30 minutes I was bawling my eyes out as our Wyatt was born. Super fast. Jared was sitting at my head and asked me if I was completely numb yet, my reply was that I didn't know. The anesthesiologist then poked his head over the curtain and said, "oh, we've already started. He's almost out." haha I guess I was numb at that point and Jared scurried to get the camera ready.

There really isn't much else to say about his birth. We named him Wyatt Rix. His middle name is Jared's mother's maiden name. I like to keep family names in there. He was born with the most perfectly round little head and his father's button nose. Here is a round up of some pictures we took at the hospital.
Glory shot, I managed to gain 20 lbs less this pregnancy than the last!

19 inches long

7 lbs 6 oz

The classic finger hold. Jared took a picture identical to this one of Annie holding his finger when she was just born. I feel a tradition in the making.
My first time holding Wyatt....oh the blessings of a c-section. I wasn't shaking as bad this time after the surgery though. I still couldn't really hold him because I was afraid my grip wasn't strong enough but feeling his warm noggin' against my cheek was all I needed :)
Love this picture of my little family. Annie just couldn't keep her eyes off her new baby brother.
holding baby brother for the first time!
Annie bringing Wyatt back to me

She couldn't get enough of pushing him in his cart

I love how perfectly round my little babies heads are
Bumpa holding Wyatt
first snuggles
Hi Mom!
Daddy holding our cute little E.T.
Most of us SWEAR that Wyatt was born with red hair. This is the only picture that comes close to showing it.
Annie & Wyatt. She just LOVES holding him
first picture after surgery with Annie and Wyatt. I was afraid of how Annie would react with me in a hospital bed and tubes coming out of my arms but Wyatt was a good enough distraction for her. It broke my heart to not be able to hold her on my lap but with a c-section, you're a bit tender for awhile...boooo!
Meema with Annie & Wyatt
Bumpa with Wyatt
Great Aunt Lynette holding Wyatt while Annie helps
"Old Grandpa" holding Mr. Rix as he calls him.
Grandma Griffin with Annie & Wyatt
how many Griffins does it take to change a diaper?
First picture as a family of four!
take a good look folks, this is the only time Wyatt has taken a binky :(
bear bum!

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