Thursday, February 7, 2013

First two weeks

I'm not going to lie. The first two weeks of our little guys life were quite heavenly. My parent's are saints. They stayed with us for two weeks in our little space and even shared a room with Annie. Seriously, that makes them saints. My recovery this time around was 200% different. I was able to be on my feet more without killing myself without knowing it. I wish someone would have warned me to fake it a little around Jared though... the secret was out waaay too quick.

Such a boy, when he's fussy I just take his clothes off and he's a happy camper.
Annie loves to be around her baby brother.
petting his head...

reading him books
holding him
taking in ALL of Meema's face. Imprinting as she calls it :)

watching cartoons with Wyatt
talking with Wyatt
first bath
 Thanksgiving outfit

playing with Bumpa while he works
meeting Great Grandma Griffin for the first time

Jared tends to try and teach our children how to walk at an early age

trying to read Wyatt's mind :)

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  1. So cute!!! Congrats on having a cute baby boy. Such a cute name!!! So glad Annie is liking her new Brother!!! Hope your still healing well. My first c-section was beyond terrible the rest where great as if I didnt have a baby. So I get how you feel better this time then the last!!! You have such a cute little Family!!!