Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bainbridge and baby Chyla

Back at the end of July, my Sister In Law was due to have her baby any day. When I went a week past her due date with her last baby, she didn't go into labor until the day after I flew back home to UT...seriously Jillian. So this time we thought we would play it safe and come visit 2 weeks past her due date. Jared tends to get bored when we go to WA (me being a home body and just wanting to be with family) so we decided to plan out a bunch of fun activities to do while we were there. Sea Fair was going on so we were able to ditch Annie with my parents and go tour some Navy boats.

Jillian's Brother In Law had caught some crab so we decided to cook them up. I wish I had videoed this experience. We were all yipping and hollering as my Dad and Mom tag teamed the crabs to get them into the pot of water. Annie wasn't so sure about the crabs (they're alive in the above picture). And boy were they YUMMY!
Lucky for us, Jillian went past her due date again. She was planning on doing a water birth just like her last baby but this time she was going to do it in my parents basement. I know what your thinking people and I TOTALLY agree but this woman has super hero powers. She's amazing and apparently it was a really great experience the last time. Anyway, early Sunday morning my parents get the call that Jillian is in labor and to start filling the tub. I woke up to get in the shower to get ready for church and was quickly turned away as they needed all the hot water for the I was rather uncomfortable and knew Jillian to be a noisy laborer so Jared, Annie, and I went to church showerless. I got a text while in Sunday school that the baby's heart rate was dropping everytime she had a contraction so they hopped in the van and rushed to the hospital to be safe. With 15 minutes to spare, Chyla (pronounced shyla) Grace Bateman was born.

Bumpa with all his granddaughters. Chloe, Annie, Chyla & Charlotte

My brother Drew with his new baby and Charlotte

Jillian, don't hate me for posting this picture but I just love how happy you are in it :)

Another activity we chose was bowling. This was Annie's first experience and I'd say it was a hit.

We also did some light hiking with Meema and Bumpa...

Jared always pushing the limit with Annie...

We decided to check out the fair/rodeo. We were THIS close to talking Annie and Charlotte into trying muttin' busting. Maybe next year...

There is nothing quite like fair food

Annie enjoying some fried zucchini

Riding the ponies!

More pictures of sweet baby Chyla

We can't go without a delicious blackberry pie when in WA for the summer!

Meema catching some snuggles from Chyla

Annie and Uncle WYAN

My gifts to the girls. Fun bath towels!

All the grandkids with Meema and Bumpa

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