Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Summer Fun

 Since we aren't blessed with secondary water in our neighborhood I've just been filling a bucket with water for Annie. Don't worry, I watch her so she doesn't fall in head first but she loves playing in it....

 Shooting Daddy with a squirt gun!

 Drinking water from the fun lizard sprinkler that Aunty Em gave her for her birthday

 Playing on the fun water slide that Grandpa Rodney sets up in his backyard every year!

 Jared's nephew Thomas attacking his arm. I just loved Jared's face in this picture

 He was put in charge while Emily and I ran over to see these little cuties! Jared's good friends, sister had these triplets. Two boys and one girl, just like me and my brothers! They were so tiny and sweet!

 I'm ready for a swim! Within days of taking this picture, my sister in law sent me a similar one of her daughter Charlotte doing the exact same thing!

 She may kill me for posting this online someday. Who cares, I'm the mom, if I have to wipe it, I have a right... She is a lady remember?

 More bucket fun!

 Sitting by "old grandpa" waiting for breakfast at Grandma Annette's neighborhood flag raising ceremony.

I don't know where she got this....

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