Friday, September 14, 2012

Air Show

At the end of May we decided to brave the weather and go to the air show at Hill Air Force Base.

 It boasted great entertainment with massive planes you could walk through

a couple of fun photo opportunities

 And of course a MASSIVE Utah rain storm. I'm not going to lie folks, the smile on my face might be forced. It was FREEZING and the rain was coming down by the bucket fulls. I was so glad Jared thought to bring our big umbrella.

I was wishing I could just pass out like this. I just couldn't stop from shivering.

Over all it was a fun experience. After the storm cleared out, we were able to easily get front row seats (since everyone else with a brain, bailed when it started to downpour). We saw a really amazing show put on by the Thunderbirds and now every time the jets fly over our house Annie yells "THUNDERBIRDS!!!"

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